The Workshop


So much more than

There are workbenches - decorated with nicks, dents, scratches and scribbles. There are tools. A metal sink. Desks sleeping somewhere beneath piles of paper. - too important to through away, not important enough to file.

Broken saw blades, scarred beeswax, steaming tea and escapee crumbs all reside in perfect chaos atop a dusty jewellers bench.

I live by the motto - messy means busy.

Never trust a tidy jeweller.

Grand designs

The workshop's current premises is on the first floor of a Grade II listed Jewellery Quarter building, Caroline Street, just one street away from the School of Jewellery where I studied at university.

I took the space on somewhere around 2013 - memories from my twenties are a little hazy, please forgive the lack of precision. Whittling the refurb process down to a very modest nutshell - I peeled off three layers of wood chip and pulled up rows of ribbed carpet. I will forever kick myself for tipping it instead of paying the refiners a visit.

Countless hours were spent re-positioning work benches this way and that.

A place to invite ideas. A place where early mornings or late nights bore no grudge. Even chilly empty ones - once everyone else in the Quarter, has packed up and gone home. Or to the pub.

Most significant of all - a place to share.

Home from home

Over the years I have been lucky to share the space with a handful of talented creatives. Most have been jewellers but not all. This is what makes the workshop special. Life long friendships have been forged, there’s something about the successes and struggles of self-employment that brings us together.


I currently share with Rachel Whitehead and Roxanna Moznabi. Opening the door wondering who will be your workshop buddy makes a welcome start to the day.

Through the workshop and wider community of the Jewellery Quarter I've found life long friends and have the honour of working with a host of incredibly talented tradespeople. I can walk to every supplier for every element of my jewellery designs - the bullion dealers, the casters, the stone setter, the assay office, the gold plater.

I can often be found walking along Warstone Lane with hot chocolate in one hand and phone/twirl/buff sticks/post parcels in other. Or sometimes - Rudi - the workshop's bundle of black curly fluff. Belonging to Roxy.


We have covered the workshop at present. What came before? And what next?

My Mom is most grateful to have her garage back. Although it is now entering moses basket and travel system tetris round two.

Read more about the garage - birth place of Bug - in Chapter One. 


When I envision elder Ellie - have you seen Grace & Frankie? I see a long plait & headscarves - six chickens, a goat, two Leonbergers, several cats and three out buildings. Not for the animals, for the guests.

Three little shacks, perhaps one is a pink and blue 50s caravan, one is a tree house and one is a shipping container. You would visit my small holding/safari park - eat homemade pecan granola and drink avocado cacao smoothie for breakfast. You'd then join me in the garden workshop to partake in whatever jewellery extravaganza I happen to be obsessing over in my sunset years.

If you would like to join the waiting list, please email to register your interest. If we start manifesting now maybe we'll get there.



My jewellery has and always will come from a place of connection. Please do come and see me at the workshop. Even if just for a cuppa. It may encourage me to tidy up.  

If you can't visit in person but want to stay connected, you can hear more about my creative journey by signing up to my newsletter below.

Thank you!

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