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WelcomeTo The Garden

Wander up the wonky brick path, lift up the lily pads.
There's lots to explore.

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Hi - I'm Ellie

I am a designer-maker based in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.
Whether, like me, you're a novice with crooked carrots, or rather, have been perfecting your cucumbers for thirty years - I hope you find something to make you smile amongst my gardening inspired jewellery adventures.
Jewellery For Gardeners

Handcrafted the old fashioned way - in silver, with hand tools & grubby finger tips.

Tiny tools

latest collection
Ellen Lou Gardening Jewellery Hand Trowel Necklace

Hand Trowel - Necklace£145.00 GBP

Pocket the tiny trowel - the teeniest tool in your caddy.  A bright silver scoop nestles in to beautiful copper tones of a rounded rose gold handle.  Cradled by a delicate trac...

Latest Collection
Ellen Lou Gardening Jewellery Hand Fork Necklace

Hand Fork - Necklace£145.00 GBP

Dig over your petite patch to the finest tilth.  Prongs of silver nestle in to rich copper tones of rose gold. This isn't just any fork handle.  Cradled by a delicate trace...

Latest Collection
Ellen Lou Gardening Jewellery Dibber Necklace

Dibber - Necklace£145.00 GBP

A poppy seed's BFF - sow into the cosiest holes.   Two rose gold handles carry a silver stem. Teeny seeds rejoice.  Cradled by a delicate trace chain at 18" for hanging - ...