Upcoming workshops - hosted by Ellie, in Birmingham & other nearby lovely places.

Cut Flower Wax Carving

Floral themed in person workshop for beginners - join me for two hours of cake & craft. Leave sensible life duties at the door - zone in to petals, stamen & stems instead.

Together we will carve a beautifully unique and perfectly-imperfect cut flower.

Made By You

Hand carved in green wax.

Cast In The Jewellery Quarter

Your choice of silver or brass.

Finished By Me

Make it ornamental or wearable.

Hi - I'm Ellie

Your workshop host.

I am a designer - maker based in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.

Wax is a medium I have found myself working with since the birth of my daughter Amber. Embracing the limitations of home, it is a jewellery making process that pairs well with the sofa.

As a newly obsessive gardener & keen people gatherer - the cut flower carving workshops seem like a match made in Monty's jewel garden. I am throughly enjoying this new venture as a breathe away from solitary bench life.

I can't wait to carve with you 🌸


Locations & hours

Space Therapies, 1437 Pershore Road, Stirchley, Birmingham, B30 2JL


Sunday Afternoons

2pm - 4.30pm

The Loft @ Loam, Maws Craft Centre, Ferry Road, Jackfield, TF8 7LS


Saturday Mornings

10.30am - 12.30pm

Banish the to do list.
  • At the workshop you will create a sculptural 3D flower from green sheet wax, using techniques borrowed from paper cutting mixed with elements of wax carving.

  • Each flower has illustrated instructions and every stage will be demonstrated first. I'll be hovering nearby to help you along if needed.

  • Often we carve two flowers at the same time to allow for mishaps. See one as a practice run, getting used to how the wax melts and tools feel.

  • Once complete - your creation is ready to be cast in brass or silver, via the traditional technique of Lost Wax Casting.

  • After casting and a polish, your flower is ready to be transformed in to a wearable or ornamental piece.

  • Choose a short, medium or long stem - or - a pendant, brooch or ring.

  • The after process takes approx. four weeks. Then you will be reunited with your carving, ready to be worn or displayed in your perfect pot.
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Mistletoe Wax Carving Workshop @ Loam

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New Month / New Bloom

Grow your very own hand carved cut flower bouquet to scatter amongst your pots. 

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