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Ellie Ingram Bug Lives Here Jewellery Blog_Into The Garden


It is actually okay not to do anything. It is allowed. This is such a bizarre concept. The doing of nothing. Why do we find it so hard not to do anything? There is always something to do.

So after a little resistance, I stopped doing stuff. Without anything to do and such nice weather, I went into the garden.


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Ellie Ingram Jewellery Bug Lives Here Wax Carved Houses

It must have been all the house talk.

I talked a lot about houses last year. Wax carved houses, silver houses, enamelled houses. Houses like lockets - with back walls that lower down to reveal secret drawbridge gardens. With swings and paddling pools and space hoppers.

All the houses that I've lived in and how I would make them in miniature silver form. And as my last post revealed - I actually made some houses. After an extended Mexican stand off between myself and the mojo. 

I thought deeply about houses in general. Not just 'Bug' houses, but - what exactly is a house?

What is a home?


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Ellie Ingram Bug Jewellery Sketchbook

A couple of weeks ago, between the hours of 4 and 6pm, on a Wednesday afternoon, something magnificent happened. Something miraculous, marvellous and long over due.

Making happened.


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My Grandpa's Hands Blog Post

I have my Grandpa's hands. Not literally. That would be weird. Especially since he left this world several years ago. It would also be weird, I suppose, if he were still with us. I presume he would quite like to keep his hands. For dunking custard creams into tea and stuff. 


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Bluebell photo walk

Half way round the reserve mossy logs started appearing. I loved taking photos of these. I think perhaps because they take me to places envisioned in my childhood from fairy tales. The circular walk is so long that by this point I had lost the rest of the group. It felt quite magical to be alone in the woods. If it weren't for the sound of the motorway you could think you'd entered The Secret Garden or Narnia. 


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Bespoke Marmite Necklace

I knew Bee was serious when I saw her Marmite collection. I was in awe. Just look at this. This is taking Marmite love to a whole 'nother level.

I felt a little intimidated truth be told. I didn't realise there were people out there this fanatical. I mean I always knew I wasn't alone in my personal Marmite patriotism, but I've since been informed that there are some pretty crazy obsessed marmite fans out there. There is even a Marmite collectors community. Who knew?

Straight away I knew that this girl needs her Marmite necklace. And I was honoured to be the one to step up to the plate and deliver this mighty challenge.


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Pastures New

January marked the end of an era. There was a significant shifting of shapes amidst the Bug workshop. In fact, a whole new shape was created entirely.