Chapter Two

Ellie's Story

Chapter two

At the time of writing - Winter of 22 - I am 34 years old and live in sunny Stirchley, Birmingham.

Royston and Baxter - the 'cupboard under the stairs' rabbits are sadly no longer with us.
We do however now nest with a different duo - Barbara the escapee house cat and Amber - born spring 2022.

A portal to my soul

This website that you're exploring is the outlet for my incessant need to create. 'Ellen Lou' is my jewellery's current guise.

My designs follow my life passions and well, a lot has changed since I first started crafting miniatures in silver from my Mom’s garage in the late noughties. If you’re visiting via a re-direct from ancient internet times then you may be familiar with my previous alter ego - Bug.

You can read all about it in Chapter One.

My subconscious now hangs out in the garden. Occasionally it can be found on a muddy dance floor eating toast, but for the most part it now daydreams amongst the daisies and hoverflies in the snippets of time between naps and nappy changes.

Embracing change

The remains of Bug wait patiently in silicon mould form in cardboard boxes under my jewellers bench. After the end of a turbulent love affair and subsequent five year break from making - the relaunch and redirection of my creativity is thanks to two recent happenings.
The pandemic lockdowns freed up an abundance of time and forced solitude.
Welcoming our daughter to the world has reignited the making flame once more,
I hope she'll chase dreams and never give up on them. I must lead by example. It feels so wonderful to be creating and sharing my work with the world again.


Healing & connection

I never thought I would own a garden of my own. It has come to be a very special place. Somewhere to sit, to heal, to smile. Breathe, stare, daydream and doze.

If I am lost, I’ll go to the garden and I always come home.

Ellie x

Wander with me...

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The making process