Silver stories

A timeline of life’s little wonders captured for your enjoyment in miniature silver form. I am obsessed with miniatures. Cooking a pancake smaller than a penny, with a proportionally sized pan and spatula?

What beats your favourite things shrink rayed to pint sized perfection so you can carry them with you throughout all life’s adventures.

If, like me, you’re a closet hoarder and a sucker for nostalgia then you love anything that takes you back to those special moments. Like a smell that transports you and a song that gives you goosebumps. Memories that only surface when triggered.

My hope is that you unearth something you identify with, through the miniature making of my new found love of gardening..

Beauty in simplicity.


I construct objects in their simplest form. Pared back to the bare essentials. I like to imagine how the form could be created with a piece of paper - layering, cutting, folding. This helps in visualising the design in 3D, crafted from 2D elements.

Often if a design feels off, it's down to the temptation to over complicate things.

Less is more. A handy life motto too.

I have always favoured the 'jump in' approach. The most fun and productive method is to get started in metal. Sketches don't do the viualisations in my mind much justice.

It's a good morning if I have a clear image to take to the workshop. It is better to surrender to new ideas than wrestle with a whirring brain. I often wake to write. A little like dream journalling - wait for breakfast and all is lost.

It is a satisfying feeling to resolve an idea up there. The tetris blocks fall into place - light up and disappear in to calm. Leaving me to slumber having dreamt over solder joins all night long.

Magic happenings

It’s so rewarding to see an idea take shape that previously only existed in imagination. I use traditional silver smithing techniques and work with silver in it’s raw form. The pieces in my collections have all been formed using silver sheet, wire or tube. Some of the more 3D designs, for example the Bumble Bee and Ladybird - are created by melting off cuts from my scrap pot.



Uninterrupted time at the bench is bliss when you have a bank of new ideas to create. The slower pace of pandemic life allowed me to re-focus and create the bulk of my collections during a fresh abundance of quiet time, A clear calendar, a stock of peppermint tea, a woody joss stick and bank of podcasts make the perfect ingredients.

I love to zone out of reality and in to making. Perhaps for the same reasons that the garden has become such a welcome refuge.



My jewellery has and always will come from a place of connection. Please do come and see me at the workshop. Even if just for a cuppa. It may encourage me to tidy up.  

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Thank you!

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