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We thought not. Your jewellery shouldn’t be any different so you’re
in the right place to find your perfect fit.

Here at Bug, we want you to be super duper happy with your jewellery
so we’ve put together some tips to help you find your perfect ring,
necklace and bangle size. 


You’ll see when purchasing your ring that every letter of the alphabet is listed - these are the standard UK ring sizes and how we measure our rings. You guessed it - A is the smallest and Z is the the largest (gold star ⭐️). Burly men out there will be pleased to know that that there’s a few sizes after Z. If you require a Z+ size pop your custom size into the ‘order notes’ box when you checkout. Likewise for if you need a half size. We make everything from scratch so you can have any ol' size you like.

ring size guide

TIP 1 The most accurate way to find out your ring size is to get measured up 
in a local jewellers. Or, if you’re a fellow Brummie - pop in and see us. 

TIP 2 If you fancy working out your ring size yourself then check out our 
snazzy chart below to find out the inside circumference and diameter 
of each UK ring size. This will help you find out your ring size if you have 
an existing ring that you can measure. Measure the diameter (straight 
across the centre at widest point) from inside edge to inside edge and 
find the correlating letter of the alphabet. Measure in mm and be super 
accurate as the ring sizes are sensitive souls. 

TIP 3 Download and print our ring size guide. 
Follow the instructions and 
you’ll be sized up in no time.  

TIP 4 Request your free ring sizing gauge. 
Stick this on your finger and hey presto. 
Not the quickest method as we’ll need
to send it the old fashioned way.

The thicker the ring, the tighter the fit,
so if you go for a chunky ring, it may be
a good idea to go for one size larger. 

As half of the population well knows -
the cold works wonders on protruding
body parts so it’s best to wait until you’re
somewhere cosy to measure up. You’re
fingers can shrink half a size smaller
when they’re chilly.


ring size guide
ring size guide


We appreciate that it’s not the easiest thing in the world to order the
perfect ring size, especially when you’re unable to try it on in person,
or if you’re suprising someone special. If it all goes Pete Tong and you
end up with a unexpected super size ring (or one fit for a borrower) 
do not fear! Post your ring back to us and we’ll alter the size for you
whether it needs to go up or down and dispatch same or next
day - all free of charge. Aren’t we lovely?!

So you can sleep easy knowing that one way or another
you’ll find your perfect match. 

ring size guide

ring size guide

If you’re ordering a ring as a gift for someone else
it’s super easy to find out their size if they have an
existing ring that they already wear. 

Once you’ve pilfered said ring, you can measure it against our downloadable size guide or measure the diameter from inside edge to inside edge
and locate the correlating UK ring size using our snazzy chart above. Or you can pop in and see us and we’ll take the measurement.
Just remember to put the ring back afterwards. Awkward conversation avoided. 

If you don’t think that you can get away with swiping their ring whilst you do your detective work or if they don’t currently own a ring then you
could attempt to measure their finger whilst they’re asleep with our ring size gauge. Possibly use this method as a very last resort.

The last option, if none of the above is feasible, is good old guess work. It’s not the end of the world if the ring doesn’t fit and we can always
alter the size after they've tried it on. We’ll just need some guidance as to what size it needs to be adjusted to.



Like his fellow ring chums the bangle comes in a range of sizes too. If you’re an avid bangle fiend then you’ll more than likely already know your size but if you’ve never bought one before or you’re buying one for a friend then our bangle size tips should help you out. The bangles that we make are all solid and circular shaped. The following steps will help you work out what size you’ll need. Bangles are measured by their inside diameter (straight across the centre at the widest point). If you already own a bangle then the easiest way to find out your size is to measure the diameter from inside edge to inside edge. Then use our jazzy table to see which size you are.


Put your hand flat and then
touch your thumb to pinky
or make a fist.

Wrap the tape measure or
string around your fist
at it’s widest point. 

bangle size guide

bangle size guide


Pull tight and pinch
where the string meets.

Cut with scissors.
(watch those pinkies)


Measure the string against
your ruler to find out the inside
circumference then use our
jazzy table below to find
out the size you’ll need.

bangle size guide



Just like boobies and feet, our hands are sometimes different sizes to each other so make sure you measure the hand that you’d like to wear the bangle on.  


bangle size guide

We hope all that helps but if not, and
you’re now feeling slightly overwhelmed
(information overload!) then 
get in touch 
and we'll gladly assist.