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bug bespoke jewellery 
In addition to our handmade jewellery
collections here at Bug, we also offer
a very special bespoke jewellery service.
Whether you’re looking for a personalised piece
for that special someone or want something
totally unique as a treat for yourself, we can
take on any challenge and pretty much make
anything (and everything!) to suit your
style, tastes and budget. 


We like the simple life here at Bug -
our bespoke jewellery service is uncomplicated,
hassle free and fun! We love nothing more than
working closely with you to create a piece of
bespoke jewellery that’s completely unique to you.
Whether it’s Nutella, Kiwi Birds, Llamas or Daleks;
we love listening to your ideas and collaborating
with you to bring your jewellery to life.

No request is too big or too small and don’t be shy
if you think your idea is on the wacky side - we
love nothing more than an odd request in our inbox!
bug bespoke jewellery


If you’ve a dead-cert design or simply a vague
idea, email or give us a bell and we can start 
designing your perfect piece.
We'll work closely with you throughout the
design process to make sure that we’re creating
exactly what you want, so you know that
your final piece of bespoke jewellery is 
completely you. We'll send you design options
and offer advice, and if the design isn’t quite
right then we can tweak it until it’s perfect.
bespoke jewellery sail boat necklace
bespoke jewellery kiwi bird necklace

bug bespoke jewellery

As well as creating a unique design,
we can also engrave your jewellery
with a special message or quote -
whether it’s an anniversary date,
inside joke or just ‘I love you’.

We can hand stamp the lettering or
if your jewellery requires something
extra special then we can laser
engrave any style font or design.
(Fancy eh?)



We don’t limit you to any type of jewellery in our bespoke service and we don’t mean to blow our own trumpets,
but we can make virtually anything. We love a challenge! From rings and necklaces to bracelets and cufflinks,
just let us know what you would like and we’ll be happy to help.


bespoke jewellery dr who dalek necklace bespoke jewellery spinning coin wishbone necklace bespoke jewellery mini korg necklace bespoke jewellery panda necklace



Of course, you might not be entirely sure
what you want yet but that’s fine too.
If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration,
have a browse of our La La Land,
Summer Farm and La Discotheque
collections to see an example of the kind
of things we can turn our hands to here at Bug.
If you love any of the handmade jewellery
in our collections but want to add a
personal touch, we can customise any
of our existing pieces to your requirements
and also craft our existing pieces in
solid gold too (snazzy).

To enquire about a bespoke jewellery design please email Ellie at or call 07707583036.