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Posted by Ellie Ingram on

Jewellery Quarter Workshop

Things have a funny ol' way of working themselves out. Do you remember Bee from a couple of posts back? The lovely lady that I made the mighty Marmite necklace for? As it turns out, Bee and her housemate Ash were looking for a studio space so they have now moved into the workshop to fill Kate's spot.

Workshop buddies united through a mutual love of Marmite!

Jewellery Quarter Workshop

Bee & Ash have been workshop residents for a few weeks now and as any nosy neighbour would; I had a good ol snoop around their workspace. How could I not when I glimpsed the charming young lady above greeting me with open arms.

From the looks of things so far I think we're gonna get on like a house on fire. I mean Bee & Ash there, not legs akimbo Sally. She does indeed look open to new adventures but she is also marginally a tad creepy. 

Jewellery Quarter Workshop

Jewellery Quarter Workshop

The tell tale signs of a fellow hoarder. I spy a cracking rusty tin selection.

Jewellery Quarter Workshop

So far so good. Rusty tins and now this spritely chap. I like llamas. (Is that a llama?) How do you tell the difference between a llama and alpaca when in illustration form? Is their only differentiable feature their size? If so, then I'm going to have to say I can't confirm whether this is a llama or alpaca until I have some kind of scale to reference it to. I happen to like alpacas too so all bases are covered.

Small miniature plastic camera - yes I also like taking photos and small things. 

I picked up a DSLR for the first time around four years ago. I had no clue what any of the buttons did (thinking about it, I still don't know what a lot of them do). I do now at least know that those dials control shutterspeed and aperture. And, I actually know what shutterspeed and aperture do (wahey). I have Pete from Photoschool to thank for this. His beginners photography course teaches you the essentials of how a camera works. Since then I've mainly practiced taking shots of jewellery that I've made over the past few years and I'd loved using a macro lens. Maybe something to do with my obsession for the miniature world.


I'd like to use this blog as a basis for practicing photography. I get stuck sometimes for subject matter and it's refreshing to break away from the confines of photographing jewellery. I realised when photographing Bee's workspace that I definitely struggle with anything that's not a close up. Hopefully future post topics will help as incentives to get of there and practice outside my comfort zone. 

Jewellery Quarter Workshop

Jewellery Quarter Workshop


Back to snooping. It must be fate. I too am a cyclist. What are the chances? Well, I have a bike. Does that make you worthy of the title 'cyclist'? I'm thinking I probably fall under the 'hobbyist bike rider' category. As I definitely don't own enough lycra. I do own some lycra but it is more of the daisy spotted festival variety. I'm yet to wear it in conjunction with a bike ride to work.

This cat's name is Elsie. My boyfriend's niece is called Elsie. My Great Grandmother's name is Elsie (or someone my Grandma once told me about, or actually, maybe it is my Grandma's middle name, or maybe both). And I named the little teacup piggy in the Summer Farm collection Elsie. That's surely a spooky amount of 'Elsie' references no?

I also love Louis Theroux. Does that even count as something we have in common? Doesn't everyone love Louis Theroux?

Jewellery Quarter Workshop

In conclusion to my snooping and to wrap up my ramblings - welcome to the workshop Bee and Ash. You've passed the entry exam with flying coIours. I hope you'll be very much at home here.

Big love,

Ellie xx


Jewellery Quarter Workshop Space

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